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Total Windows Password Reset 2.4

Recover or reset forgotten passwords for Windows
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Bypasses the regular Windows booting system and removes the login password from any selected user account. Works with Windows 8 and older versions of the operating system all the way down to Windows 2000. The paid version can also recover the lost password, not just remove it.

Total Windows Password Reset is a password recovery tool. It supposedly can reset any password, be it an Administrator or regular user account so that you don't have to type it any more. This is obviously useful when you don't remember the password.

The application does its magic under the hood. Since it can't get the passwords while Windows is running, it has you boot up a version of FreeDOS with a batch file that performs a couple of operations. To let you boot up your system to that batch file, the application offers two methods: DVD or USB. Total Windows Password Reset comes with an ISO file that you can burn to a CD or DVD to boot your system. You can also format a USB drive and copy some files that are also included to boot up your system that way.

In my testing, the application booted up quite fine, but it returned some errors and quit. It didn't even restart Windows, it left a DOS command line opened, which made me feel like I traveled in time to 1995. So, the application didn't work for me, but it might do for you. The trial version allows you to test it without paying.

José Fernández
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  • It provides two different ways to boot-up the system
  • Good trial


  • It didn't work for me. It might for you
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